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Premium Direct to Film Transfers (DTF)

Oakton Embellishments Brings Your Logos And Unique Designs To Life With the Highest Quality Direct To Film Transfers!

We are a Metis owned and operated business which provides the highest quality DTF transfers, custom artwork design options, and exceptional customer service to the Canadian market.

Direct to Film transfers are raising industry standards by using ultra vibrant colors that provide a superior logo application across a variety of fabrics and materials. Oakton Embellishments has also set out to elevate expectations by providing unique custom artwork design options.

What is Direct To Film?

Direct To Film or DTF transfers are the latest technology for decorating apparel and fabrics with your unique designs! DTF printing is a process that transfers your logo or design onto a film transfer that can be heat pressed onto a fabric of your choice. This gives you unlimited design options and no limitations on colors!

How To Apply

1. Place your direct to film transfers on your choice of fabric. (No pre-treatment required)

2. Heat press for 10-20 seconds.

      a. 100% Cotton @ 300-320°F

      b. Any other fabrics @ 280-320°F)

3. Peel your DTF transfer while still warm or 5 seconds after pressing.


  • Do not wash garment for 24 hours after the heat press.
  • Do not use fabric softener.
  • Storage of transfers: Store in a dry cool area. Put them in a Ziploc bag or airtight container.

Direct to Film transfers are durable, the prints hold up well even after 40+ washes on fabrics like polyester, cotton, cotton/poly blends and tri-blends.

Print Any Design, for Anyone, on Any Product with DTF Transfers.

Our High Quality DTF (Direct to Film) transfers allow anyone from small to large shops, hobbyists, and brands to print any design on any product. There is virtually no limitation to what we can print whether you need bright white, solids, gradients, or fine lines!

100% Cotton or 50/50 Blend
Nylon & Polyester
Twill & Canvas

It’s easy as 1 – 2 – 3

Step 1

Send us your design or logo.

Step 2

We print the artwork on a transfer and send it to you.

Step 3

You then use a heat press to press the film onto your fabric.

Customize your logo

Let us transform your logo into a stunning masterpiece with our custom artwork designs

We understand the importance of a strong visual identity, and our service is designed to enhance the design style of your logo, making it truly stand out in today’s competitive market.


DTF, is otherwise known as Direct-to-Film. This printing technique involves printing any design and colour directly onto a film and then transferring it to any material such as cotton, polyester, and linen with a simple 15 second heat press.

We have a minimum of 18 DTF’s per order.

Anything from an iron has been used but we do recommend using a professional heat press for best results.

Our smallest size is a 2” by 2” and we can print up to 31” wide!

DTF transfers are durable, the prints hold up well even after 40+ washes on fabrics like polyester, cotton, cotton/poly blends and tri-blends.

We strive to get our orders printed and shipped ASAP. Depending on the amount of your order we try to get them printed within 2-5 days maximum. If you have an order, you need right away, don’t hesitate to reach out to us to discuss timelines.

File format accepted: .AI, .PDF, .PNG, .EPS, .SVG, .TIF, or .PSD.

Minimum 300 dpi. Higher dpi is for better color vibrancy and definition.